The team at Procella are Zero Trust experts. We help enterprises develop Zero Trust and SASE strategies to bring their cyber security up to date.

We have decades of experience in ISP and enterprise infrastructure and security teams.

Experience Counts

  • Experience protecting a Fortune 1000 enterprise
  • Eliminated VPN
  • Eliminated passwords
  • Microsegmentation experience

Our Founders

Joe DeFelice

JoeJoe’s most recent position was Akamai’s CISO in the Office of the CIO where he was head of Enterprise Security and Infrastructure Architecture. He led the company’s Akamai-On-Akamai program, where he is partnered with the Enterprise Products Group to build a Zero Trust Network that scaled globally across all Akamai’s offices, remote employees, contractors, vendors, and DevOps teams. Since joining Akamai in 2005, Joe has overseen the design and rollout of Akamai IT’s EDR, APT and multi-factor authentication solutions, as well many large-scale infrastructure initiatives. Joe serves on Akamai’s Enterprise Security Customer Advisory Board in addition to several other advisory boards.

John Payne

JohnPrior to founding Procella, John was Chief Architect for Enterprise Security and Infrastructure at Akamai Technologies. His career has taken him from IBM mainframes, through UNIX systems administration and networking before waking up one morning and realizing most of his working hours were spent worrying about Information Security issues. From his early beginnings in IP networking using a modified gopher server to publish Officevision/VM calendars via HTTP/0.9, he has always looked for ways to make data secure and accessible. His most recent role at Akamai was to disrupt how Akamai consumes and creates IT services with a focus of moving the enterprise network to a scalable Zero Trust platform.